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In mid 2012, an industrial designer, an expert machinist, and a seasoned marketing specialist formed a cooperative & planned to expand on an already successful firearms and firearms parts manufacturing business. Collectively, it was decided that folding knives and hand tools would become a main focus of this organization. Four years later, this cooperative would be known worldwide as QTRMSTR EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING, or more affectionately; Quartermaster Knives.

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Technology and Processes

Quartermaster Knives is interested in building our knife designs from the very best components available at the time of manufacture.


We believe that the best tools in the world are made right here in the United States of America. This is why all QTRM5TR knives, 100 percent of their components, even the boxes they're sold in are Made in the USA.


The ORB® Pivot System is a sealed ball-bearing technology that is widely considered the second generation of an open-bearing system that is being used by some manufacturers today. The ORB’s advantages are plenty: dirt and pocket lint cannot impede the track of these rollers, they’re encased. The ball-bearing system tightens the tolerances in and around the pivot of the folding knife, as a result the lock-up is vault tight, yet the rollers allow for almost effortless rotation. The lack of ‘play’ at any point on the rotational axis of the blade is truly unlike anything currently being made at this price point in the United States.


Premium steel is at the very heart of any high quality knife. A close partnership with a leading USA steel manufacturer allows QTRM5TR access to the newest in powder metallurgy technology. Whatever the steel that we choose for a particular production run, you can bet that it'll be the perfect synergy of edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of re-sharpening.