Q Collection
membership perks
Q Collection 3 knives $700

* Only 300 of each of these knives will be made. NO ADDITIONAL COLORWAYS. Additionally, no one outside the club membership will have the opportunity to purchase them, making these knives highly sought-after.

* Members of Q Collection will receive 20% off all regular "in-range" products purchased from the website June 2015 to December 2016. (Members will receive a unique promo code for use).

* During the first month of 2016, members will receive their QTRMSTR care package. Each of our Q Collection members will receive limited edition, serialized and logo'd gear, as well as innovative carry cases for your inbound knives.

* Members will be able to follow the progress of each model build on @Qtrmstr_Backstage (our shop instagram page)

Step 1: begin your Q Collection membership
An opportunity for those with an insatiable appetite for high quality, limited production gear.

June 1 2015 Membership Signup Begins june 1, 2015
Beginning June 1 2015 re-visit this page and you may make your $100 deposit by choosing your preferred serial number from the Q Board using the button below. It will activate on June 1st, 2015.

Make your Deposit

You will recieve a welcome email shortly there-after with a link to the subcription sign up page where you will be able to initiate your 18 month subscription of $35/month. Your total cost for membership will be $700 for 3 knives and your limited edition goodie bag.
January 1 2016 Membership Signup Closes june 30, 2015
Membership sign up will close so be sure to get your deposits in and start your membership before June 30th!
June 16 2016 First Knife Arrives jANUARY 1, 2016
Expect to recieve your first package from the Q Collection. It will include some great limited edition goodies from QTRMSTR in preparation for your first inbound knife in just a few more months!
August 16 2016 Second Knife Arrives APRIL 16, 2016
Q Collection Members will recieve their FIRST knife.
Knife Concept A
December 16 2016 Third Knife Arrives AUGUST 16, 2016
Q Collection Members will recieve their SECOND knife.
Knife Concept B
December 16 2016 Third Knife Arrives DECEMBER 16, 2016
Q Collection Members will recieve their THIRD knife.
Knife Concept C
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