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Since the introduction of the ALF-1 & ALF-2, it's been reported that we are the only USA manufacturer outside of the Orthodontic Instrument Industry who is currently using Beta-Titanium on any cutting blade. To us, that spells revolutionary. It's important to Quartermaster Ordnance MFG. that we stay informed with regards to new technologies and processes, and the use of Beta-Titanium Alloy in edged tools is certainly one of them.

It's a known fact that "Titanium" does not hold an edge very well on its own. But if you care to dive a little deeper into the details, you find that this known-fact refers to the use of Alpha-Alloy Titanium, the commonly known 6-2-4-2 titanium, surgical grade 5 that is being used on many USA manufactured frame locks. Quartermaster Ordnance Mfg. is using a proprietary blend of ASTM Grade 21, an alloy from an entirely different family. Sure it has all of the great features of the alpha-alloy, it's lightweight, it's strength, it's rigidity, but Beta-Alloy comes with the added bonus of being fully heat-treatable and approximately 10% more dense than the typical titanium seen today. Never before has it been possible to claim a Rockwell Hardness of 57-58 on a Titanium blade, but thanks to QTRMSTR Ordnance Mfg. in 2014, we can. The difference between the tools is self-explanatory. One has been given the monicker "BizNass" the other "Purdy." One should stay with you while you're executing your days duties, the other should remain with you for the smooth, evening hours.

As an extra, we've given enthusiasts the ability to buy our Mirage Holstex Sheath for an additional $20.00. This sheath is a custom material & is larger than the standard kydex that the knife comes with as the clear material does not allow itself to be folded. It is suggested that the Mirage Holstex Sheath be purchased as an extra if the knife is intended to be neck-carried.

Sold Out
Blade Length 1.990" 5.05cm
Blade Thickness .150" 3.81mm
Handle Thickness .150" 3.81mm
Blade Material BETA-Titanium  
Blade Hardness 57-58  
Blade Style Narrow Tanto  
Weight 18 grams  
Carry Type Envelope Kydex Sheath  
Locking Mechanism N/A  
Pivot Assembly N/A  
Overall Length 3.00" 7.62cm
Manufactured Made in USA  
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