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QTRMSTR Ordnance Mfg. was created in 2012 with a singular goal in mind: to become the world's favorite knife brand.

In our infancy, we stayed busy manufacturing firearm parts for many of our industry allies and hunting knives for our friends and neighbors here in central Texas. During the last 24-30 months, we've gone from being overlooked to being overbooked, and now run our shop 6 days weekly in an attempt to keep up with the demand of our growing client base which includes Operators, Private Contractors, Soldiers, and steel-snobs from around the globe.


CPM154 Steel Quartermaster Knives ORB Pivot System Made in USA

A close partnership with a leading USA steel manufacturer allows QTRM5TR access to the newest in powder metallurgy technology.

Our first models are offered in CPM 154; a tried and tested premium U.S. made steel. We’re currently testing new high performance alloys such as B70P and BD4P as we get set to introduce additional models to the lineup.

The ORB® Pivot System is a sealed ball-bearing technology that is widely considered the second generation of an open-bearing system that is being used by some manufacturers today.

The ORB’s advantages are plenty: dirt and pocket lint cannot impede the track of these rollers, they’re encased. The ball-bearing system tightens the tolerances in and around the pivot of the folding knife, as a result the lock-up is vault tight, yet the rollers allow for almost effortless rotation.

The lack of ‘play’ at any point on the rotational axis of the blade is truly unlike anything currently being made at this price point in the United States.

We believe that the best tools in the world are made right here in the United States of America.

This is why all QTRM5TR knives, 100 percent of their components, even the boxes they're sold in are Made in the USA.

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