QTR-2Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Depending one where one decides to look, ideas can erupt at any time. With regards to the unique look of our equipment, we're often looking toward industrial shapes, angles and overall themes, while never forgetting the central importance of ergonomics in knife design. As a result, we've created a line of knives and tools that look "hard" but feel "soft."

What does this mean exactly?

The knives look a particular way when just 1 of your 5 senses is being used. But add the sense of touch, and it's quickly realized that ergonomics is always a top priority. If fact, our clients claim that we manufacture some of the most comfortable, rugged, confidence inspiring knives in the history of mankind, and we think that's saying an awful lot.


Shot Show In February, enthusiasts can find QTRMSTR’s shop set-up at the
SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, NV. USA
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In March, knife knuts can view their range of products at the
IWA Show in Nuremburg, Germany
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Blade Show In June, fans can catch their latest creations at the
Blade Show & Cutlery fair in Atlanta, GA. USA
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The founders of The QTRMSTR Co. were children of the eighties, and are proud of it. The names of their creations poke some amusing fun at that fact. Can you guess where these names came from? We’re curious as to which series they’ll look to next.

Enjoy QTRMSTR, the epitome of sharp, modern design.


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