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"Well lookie what we have here..." It's QTRMSTR's newest model, QSE-10. As with each new premiere, we've learned new techniques as a result of our last successful build and they've all been utilized here.

Our stout "Biff Tannen" model is a full Titanium frame-lock flipper. Its geometry is reminiscent of a butchers cleaver, but with a far better piercing-tip. The flipper tab (which works amazing when pushed 'like a button' rather than used 'as a lever') doubles as a great finger choil for protection during your tougher chopping tasks. Our QTRMSTR signature design elements can be found throughout this design: from our new wEDM jimping patterns we're calling "tracers" to the stepped down machining on the scales near the lock, this QTRMSTR original is a first in many ways for the knife industry.

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Blade Length 3.00" 7.62cm
Blade Thickness .150" 3.81mm
Handle Thickness .550" 13.97mm
Blade Material CPM 154  
Blade Hardness 59-60  
Blade Style Compound Wharncliffe  
Weight 5.1 Ounces  
Carry Type Ambidetrous Pocket Clip  
Locking Mechanism Ti framelock with steel insert
Pivot Assembly ORB pivot system
Overall Length 7.00" 17.78cm
Manufactured Made in texas, USA  
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