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As we continue our pursuit to create some of the most unique, rugged, and stylish tactical tools, we've found it necessary to explore new/old or trending blade styles in order to put variety of products into our range. The QSE-2 "Ricardo Tubbs" is our first Persian-style blade. It's long, large radius blade makes the knife an unbelievable chopper and heavy-user. The ergonomics of the knife in reverse grip are spot-on, and the balance and weight certainly deserve honorable mention.

Archived and no longer available
Blade Length 4.00" 10.16cm
Blade Thickness .165" 4.19mm
Handle Thickness .550" 13.97mm
Blade Material S35vn  
Blade Hardness 59-60  
Blade Style Pseudo-Persian  
Weight 7.4 Ounces  
Carry Type Pocket Clip  
Locking Mechanism Frame Lock
Pivot Assembly Tri-Spoke without Orb
Overall Length 8.75" 22.22cm
Manufactured Made in USA  
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