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Sure to be one of the most sought after knife designs of 2015, the QSE-8 is a collaboration between Austin Weiss and QTRMSTR. Over the years, we've built Austin many knives for his own personal use, so when the idea of collaborating on a design was presented, we were both very excited about the possibilities.
The QSE-8 is a result of months of development and testing. Austin wanted a knife that operated "as smooth as the throttle on his bikes." and frankly: we nailed it. This knife's flipper device is so buttery-smooth, you'll begin comparing all of your "custom" blades with it. The full titanium scale and frame are presented with chamfered edges but flat sides, ripe for customizing: something that both Austin and ourselves are VERY encouraging of. This unique opportunity is brought to you by QTRMSTR and Austin Weiss.

Finish Swatch

Sold Out

Blade Length 3.700" 9.398cm
Blade Thickness .200" 5.08mm
Handle Thickness .130" 12.70mm
Blade Material CPM 154  
Blade Hardness 59-60  
Blade Style Modified Wharncliffe  
Weight 6.8 Ounces  
Carry Type Pocket Clip  
Locking Mechanism Framelock with LBI/LBS  
Pivot Assembly Chainring bolt with ORB  
Overall Length 8.05" 20.447cm
Manufactured Made in Texas, USA  
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